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Flashpoint Quebec

"A must read for military enthusiasts"​
    - LTC Mike Merola

      U.S. Army, retired


Paperback out of print.

Available only as PDF

"Absolutely one of the best military fiction books I've ever read!"
    - Eugene Conrad

"Great book. Being a veteran myself, I thought it was very well written and accurate."
    - Jeff Hershberger

A NATO request for military assistance to Canada thrusts a U.S. Army 10th Mountain light infantry task force behind Quebec provincial lines on a moment's notice. Mission objective: take the airport and bridges and then allow the Canadian Army to pass through their positions. It was supposed to be a permissive spearhead insertion into the St. Lawrence port city of Trois Rivieres, aimed at bringing the breakaway province of Quebec back to negotiations in resolving its claim of secession from Canada. Instead, the American infantry unit is drawn into a violent urban battle with a column of main battle tanks from the revolutionary Quebec Defense Force, a force that is clandestinely supported by France. Follow the soldiers on both sides of the conflict as they battle not only each other, but also deadly setbacks, hasty decisions, and emotional challenges all in the literal fog of this action-packed, street-to-street, combat thriller.