2012 WINNER of Best Recreational/ Travel Map in the 40th Annual Cartography and Geographic Information Society Map Competition

Savannah's Best Illustrated Map!

Double-sided in vivid detail!


Savannah Historic Side -small.jpg

savannah map historic district savannah map historic district
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Cotton Exchange illustration - Savannah
Cotton Exchange illustration - Savannah

In Savannah, where a historic building, monument or other point of interest beckons around every corner, an excellent map is essential for visitors. This 3D, birds-eye-view pictorial map is the only one you’ll need when visiting the Historic Landmark District. The unique orientation gives you an immediate “lay of the land” helping you navigate and find the many hidden gems, rich history, and architectural splendor that make this classy Southern Belle a national treasure of American heritage. The map is loaded with history facts, ghost stories and pictorial depictions of popular attractions – including the entire length of River Street. Folded size is 4×9 inches.

Full size when opened is 18×27 inches.

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savannahbusinessmap savannahbusinessmap
Cotton Exchange illustration - Savannah Cotton Exchange illustration - Savannah

The reverse side of the map functions as a utilitarian guide that lists dining, lodging, museums, shopping, and tours with easy-to-find map grid locations. Included is a regional map and information on free public transportation along with docking regulations.

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