Published articles based on backstory research of each novel

The backstory of CROWN OF SERPENTS (2009) involves the tragic scouting mission of Freemason American Lieutenant Thomas Boyd at the end of the Sullivan Expedition of 1779. He was taken prisoner and granted protection from his enemy Chief Joseph Brant - also a Freemason. But another enemy Freemason, British Colonel John Butler, gave Boyd up to the Indians who carried out one of the most heinous torture deaths ever recorded in American military history. Was it a deliberate act of Masonic betrayal? Download "Betrayed by a Mason? The Tragic Mission of Lieutenant Thomas Boyd" and decide for yourself.

The core of the plot of MAP OF THIEVES (2014) revolves around a treasure hunt. The article below gets to the heart of why we are so attracted to finding treasure—the allure, the thrill, the excitement, the adventure—with several case studies of important treasure discoveries. The article also covers fraud, theft, and major crimes throughout history involving treasure. Download the PDF article and see if you can resist "The Allure of Finding Treasure." 


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