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3-Book Mystery Thriller Series
map of thieves book cover


Book 2 Synopsis

After discovering a lost Civil War hat from a famous Union general who was shot in the back during the Battle of Atlanta, Freemason military historian Lieutenant Colonel Jake Tununda
is shocked to learn a secret waybill may be hidden inside the hat’s liner.


Before he can inspect it, the hat and two priceless Nazi artifacts disappear from the West Point Museum in a brazen daytime theft. Jake and his stunning girlfriend, private investigator Rae Hart, head to Savannah to question their main suspect, an aging World War II vet. They soon find themselves targeted for assassination. Even worse, Jake is suspended from the case and the Army.


In Map of Thieves, a mystery thriller set in the deep South, Jake and Rae team up with Delta Force operative Alex Vann to catch a killer thief and to locate the legendary Cherokee Tunnel—
a gold vault in the Georgia mountains that dates back to 1838 and the Trail of Tears.
Enter U.S. Congressman Tom Black of Atlanta, one of the dirtiest, most corrupt politicians ever
to steal an election. He’s also the great grandson of the sniper whose shot killed the Union general. Once privy to what’s inside the secret Indian tunnel—a stolen Spanish mining map
Black will let nothing stand in his way to steal it for himself,
including killing his own elderly father.

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crown of serpents

A great mystery with an ingenious plot, MAP OF THIEVES reminds me of Dan Brown and Steve Berry thrillers. This is the latest novel I’ve read by Karpovage, and his best to date. The book is a real page-turner, packed with action and suspense.

— Lee Gimenez, bestselling author, Atlanta, GA

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