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Savannah's Best Illustrated Map!

Double-sided in vivid detail!

OVER 40,000 SOLD!

Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map

With walking shoes on and this birds-eye-view guide map in hand, you'll feel like you stepped back in time in Savannah's Historic Landmark District. Beautiful, functional, and informative, this is the only companion piece you'll need in a city where a historic building,
monument or point of interest beckons around every corner. The map features pictorial depictions of popular landmarks so you know
what to expect and how to get there. And, we’ve even included the free shuttle and ferry stops to get you around town quicker.

Our national award-winning Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map comes folded at a convenient 4×9" size to stow in your pocket or purse and unfolds to 18×27" to reveal the captivating artwork within. You'll immediately see a “lay of the land” mirroring the classic maps of Savannah in the 19th century that depict the river (or North) on bottom to show off the old port and River Street. For if not for the port, there'd be no Savannah. History lovers will also appreciate the many factoids explaining the city's rich, colorful, and sometimes dark history.

Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map backside

On the reverse side, you'll read of the famous squares and how they originated. Popular museums, landmarks, and attractions are listed, along with their locations on the map. Or you can choose from our top-ranked tour listings and let a professional guide take you on a narrated tour. Plus, we have a regional map showing the best attractions should you wish to venture outside the historic district

There's no need to navigate from a tiny phone screen, as you miss the history that surrounds you. Get our map or get lost!

And don't settle for the small, flimsy throwaway freebie maps devoid of any history and filled with distracting ads.

Our map is advertisement-free, of high quality paper (not laminated), and meant as a true walking tour guide that you
can bring back home as a souvenir.
And some people even frame it and hang it on their wall!

Also available online at: Amazon. Walmart. Etsy.

"This Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map is flat out impressive on many levels. For pure utility it clearly and concisely provides the information needed to navigate, but it goes so far beyond that. The attention to detail is intriguing and entertaining at the same time, compelling the user to immerse themselves in the artwork as they explore every aspect of the map."

Mike Westby, reviewer

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